Carlos Diego Lima de Albuquerque

Carlos Diego Lima de Albuquerque

Researcher in Analytical Chemistry (Postdoctoral)


Research Interests

Expertise: Chemometrics methods: multivariate calibration and multivariate curve resolution; and developing new methods/algorithms and new analytical methodologies for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS).

Nanofabrication by chemistry synthesis, nanolithography and photolithography techniques.

Keywords Interests: SERS, Chemometrics, Nanobiosensors, Optofluidics, Bioanaytical.


Curriculum Vitae
08/2016 – 12/2016 Substitute Lecturer, University of Viçosa (UFV), Minas Gerais-MG, Brazil

2013 – 07/2016 Ph.D. studies, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas-SP, Brazil
2011 – 2013 Masters studies, University of Lavras (UFLA), Minas Gerais-MG, Brazil
2006 – 2010 Undergraduate studies, University of Lavras (UFLA), Minas Gerais-MG, Brazil


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ALBUQUERQUE, CARLOS D.L.; POPPI, RONEI J. . Multi-product calibration for determination of melamine in milk products using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and non-negative matrix factorization with multi-correlation constraint. Food Chemistry, 2017.

HONG, K. Y.; ALBUQUERQUE, CARLOS DIEGO L.; POPPI, RONEI J.; BROLO, A. G.. Determination of Aqueous Antibiotic Solutions Using SERS Nanogratings. Analytica Chimica Acta (Print), 2017.

ALBUQUERQUE, CARLOS DIEGO L.; NOGUEIRA, RODRIGO B.; POPPI, RONEI J.. Determination of 17β-estradiol and noradrenaline in dog serum using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and random Forest. Microchemical Journal (Print), v. 128, p. 95-101, 2016.

ALBUQUERQUE, CARLOS D.L.; POPPI, RONEI J.. Detection of malathion in food peels by surface-enhanced Raman imaging spectroscopy and multivariate curve resolution. Analytica Chimica Acta (Print), v. 879, p. 24-33, 2015.