Ananda Xavier Oliveira

Ananda Xavier Oliveira

São Paulo Research Foundation Doctoral Fellowship

Research Interests
Application of Graphene Oxide and Carbon Nanotubes in Development of Electrochemical Biosensors for
Determination of Biomolecules

Curriculum Vitae
2011 – 2012 Master studies, Federal University of the Valleys of Jequitinhonha
2006 – 2011 Undergraduate studies, Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP),

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Oliveira, A. X.; Silva, S. M.; Leite, F. R. F.; Kubota, L. T.; Damos, F. S.; Luz, R. C. S. Highly Sensitive and Selective Basal Plane Pyrolytic Graphite Electrode Modified with 1,4- Naphthoquinone/MWCNT for Simultaneous Determination of Dopamine, Ascorbate and Urate. Electroanalysis 2013, 25, 723-731. and Mucuri, Diamantina-MG, Brazil