Leandro Yoshio Shiroma

Leandro Yoshio Shiroma

Master’s student

Research Interests

Paper-based microfluidic devices as a platform for electrochemical and optical analyses in point-of-use applications.

Microfluidics glass-glass and glass-elastomer devices: techniques in construction and applications on oil industries.

The use of microemulsification-based tool to perform as a method for analytical determinations.


Curriculum Vitae


2014 – today Master’s studies, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas/SP, Brazil

2009 – 2014    Undergraduate education, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas/SP, Brazil

2006 – 2008    Chemistry Technician course, Escola Técnica de Paulínia, Paulínia/SP, Brazil


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  • Shiroma, L.Y.; Santhiago, M.; Gobbi, A.L.; Kubota, L.T. Separation and Electrochemical Detection of Paracetamol and 4-aminophenol in a Paper-Based Microfluidic Device; Analytica Chimica Acta, 2012, 725, 44-50.

Accepted Manuscrips (for publication)

  • Lima, R.S.; Leão, P.A.G.C.; Monteiro, A.M.; Piazzetta, M.H.O.; Shiroma, L.Y.; Gobbi, A.L.; Carrilho, E. Sacrificial adhesive bonding: a powerful method for fabrication of glass microchips; Lab on a Chip, 2014.
  • Lima, R.S.; Shiroma, L.Y.; Teixeira, A.V.N.C.; Carrilho, E.; Kubota, L.T.; Gobbi, A.L. Microemulsification: a new approach for analytical determinations; Analytical Chemistry, 2014.

Submitted Manuscripts

  • Paiva, R.E.F.; Hollanda, L.M.; Abbehausen, C.; Shiroma, L.Y.; Siqueira, M.F.; Lancellotti, M.; Kubota, L.T.; Catharino, R.R.; Formiga, A.L.B.; Corbi, P.P. A novel platinum(II) complex with nimesulide: anticancer evaluation and metabolomics in glioblastoma NG97 cell line, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,